Home working assessments provide peace of mind for organisations with employees who work from home by providing a detailed risk assessment of the home working environment.

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Employees often set up their own home office and in doing so they can make poor choices when it comes to chairs, ergonomic workstations, monitors, keyboards and mice.

Home office assessments include the same rigorous steps as a typical workstation assessment however this also includes an evaluation of the working environment.

  • Is the office set up in a dedicated room or is the employee using the kitchen bench or dining room table?
  • Is there a smoke alarm, fire extinguisher, first aid kit present?
  • Are there any trip hazards, such as cords under the workstation that may pose a risk?
  • Exit routes in case of emergency?
  • Working from home should be considered as an extension of the office and all ergonomic and safety aspects need to be assessed to ensure that the risk of injury is minimised.

Following a home office workstation assessment a report will be provided to human resources outlining any problems that we have identified and any recommendations that we have to ensure the employee is set up safely.

“Financial sense…studies have shown that a good ergonomics program will always save more than it costs.” Cornell University Human Factors and Ergonomics Research Group.

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