ErgoAssess is a powerful tool that is easy to use. Here’s a brief explanation of how it works.

ErgoAssess is a cloud based ergonomic software application that can be used to assess your staff to determine risk factors for injury and pain. The survey questions have been written by qualified Physiotherapists and Ergonomists and cover areas such as equipment positioning, posture and safety considerations. Your staff will be emailed information on how to correct practices, which if left uncorrected may result in an injury.

The ergonomic software system will also provide a full report on your staff and advise where human intervention should be considered. ErgoAssess allows staff to have access to self-help Ergonomic Education and provides your business with an in-depth knowledge of potential injury risks at a fraction of the usual cost.

If you would like to see an online demonstration of ErgoAssess then please contact us on 1300 374 696.

Why choose ErgoAssess ergonomic software for your company

  • Designed by expert, award winning ergonomists and physiotherapists
  • ErgoAssess covers off company ergonomics compliance
  • ErgoAssess is a cloud based online risk assessment tool for convenience, cost, uptime and scale
  • Suitable small or large organisations
  • Cost effective solution with economies of scale for larger organisations
  • Online and in person service as required
  • Great solution for on-boarding new staff
  • Great solution for staff working from home, activity based working, manual handling and hybrid roles
  • Used by dozens of ASX 100 listed companies
    Check our video for how it works

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