Empowering employees to take control of their physical health

Ergoworks TrackActive Me AppTrackActive Me is an intelligent app created to self-manage and promote physical health. It is safe, evidence based, built by clinical experts and driven by research & big data.

  • Uses chatbots to assess a person
  • Provides individual exercise programs and best-practice advice for musculoskeletal conditions
  • Programs evolve based on user feedback
  • Includes proactive measures such as guided strengthening programs, Pilates, yoga & stretching
  • Stretch/break reminders for sedentary workers
  • Links with health data (eg step count)

TrackActive Me perfectly addresses the unique demands of the modern, flexible workforce.

As an app it’s readily available anytime, anywhere regardless of work location or schedule.

TrackActive Me Graphical Data

Real-time, anonymised data provides a physical health snapshot of the organisation to inform future health & wellbeing direction, and monitor ROI for interventions that have been put in place.

For more information about how TrackActive Me would work for your organisation, please contact enquiries@ergoworks.com.au or call 1300 ERGOWORKS (1300 374 696).




How do I access the TrackActive Me app?

For company rollouts, please contact Ergoworks directly to scope your project in more detail, including corporate training packages and reporting functionality.

To access the app individually, please follow the steps below:

    1. Go to https://www.trackactiveme.com/
    2. Click on ‘Sign Up’ in the top right corner
    3. Create an account for yourself (name, email, password) and enter the optional access code “ergoworks30” for a 30% discount
    4. Enter payment details – note that the system won’t charge you anything until after your 7 day free trial, and that you can cancel your subscription at any time by ‘Logging In’ to your account via the link in Step 1.
    5. Go to the App Store/Google Play and download TrackActive Me to your device
    6. Open the app, following the prompts to enter your details

Are the exercises safe to do?

All exercises are designed to be low impact and low risk.  In addition, clinical governance has been undertaken by London South Bank University to ensure the application accurately identifies and engages with people who are suitable to undertake the exercises. The application can identify musculoskeletal conditions that pose any critical risks to the health of the user and provides them alternative pathways of care.

How does the app create a program for me?

A chatbot asks you questions about your condition and then analyses your answers to produces an exercise program just for you. The clinical algorithms have been developed by world leading clinicians and use evidence-based information and advice.

I don’t have any pain, can I still use the app?

Absolutely!  Strength, Pilates, Yoga or Stretching programs for proactively maintaining your health can be created with the help of a chatbot.  There is also a feature called ‘Office 5 under 5 mins’ which actively encourages movement for sedentary workers.

Can it create a program for any condition?

Whilst many conditions are easily and effectively treated with exercises, if the evidence suggests that the best approach for your condition is to see a practitioner then the app will advise you of this.  Some things are best treated face-to-face with a clinician, or require further investigation before starting an exercise program. 

Don’t I need to see a physio for treatment?

Many common conditions such as low back pain are effectively managed without ‘hands-on’ treatment.  Clinical algorithms determine the best course of action, and the app checks in with you regularly throughout your program to monitor your progress.  You might not need to book in with a practitioner at all!

Will the exercises work?

For every exercise prescribed by the app, there is a link to research showing how that particular exercise has been effectively used for treating a condition like yours.

What about technique for the exercises?

Exercises are described in both written and image/video format to ensure correct technique is demonstrated.  The app also includes a timer to count rest and activity time for the exercises.

How does the app adapt the exercises for me?

Your exercise program progresses with your feedback, and is backed by research and data from over 100,000 patients.

Can I pilot the app?

Yes, please contact Ergoworks to arrange a pilot for your organisation.

Can the app track my steps?

Yes, the app integrates with your health data on your phone to track your steps each day.

Can the app help me with Pilates and Yoga?

Yes!  Choose your program length and level of difficulty to get started!

Have there been any clinical trials to test it?

Clinical trials are currently underway in the UK, with a group of GP’s working in the NHS offering this app to their patients to treat musculoskeletal pain.

What happens if I feel pain during an exercise?

For the rehabilitation programs, if the exercise or program doesn’t feel right (painful, too easy, too hard) then you can tell the app and it will adjust your program accordingly.  Like any rehabilitation program, exercises should not make your pain worse.

Do I need equipment to do the exercises?

The exercises are designed to be performed using just your body, or some simple items such as hand weights.

What about privacy?

The app does not share your personal data with anyone, and is compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Is there any corporate reporting available?

Yes, a nominated administrator from an organisation is able to view anonymous, real-time data of the rollout including employee engagement, progress, types of programs being used, etc.

Employee Health in Australia: Are we on track?

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