With the rise of new, sophisticated technology and the desire to have more flexible hours, people are progressively moving away from working at the office.  It is common these days to find people working in all types of environments. Whether it’s from home, at a café or remote location, employees can stay connected while having the freedom to work wherever they want.

By definition, mobile working is a method of working that isn’t tethered to a physical location.  It is often highly dependent on technology to connect the employee to the services and networks required to carry out their job.  

Mobile Ergonomic Solutions

Although it allows for flexible work options, it carries some risks.  It often divides the business world on whether it increases productivity and engagement or disconnects people from the office environment.

To stay connected, most businesses take advantage of the free tools available.  For small businesses, Skype allows them to stay in touch with team members, check-in regularly, conduct video calls and share files.  Further, Apps like Basecamp allow for project management and can be used as a platform to post and share documents, as well as distribute to-do lists.  Businesses that have offices in various locations can benefit from Google Docs or Dropbox, as staff can access files online.  

At the end of the day, mobile working can result in improved service delivery and productivity, with the addition of increased staff motivation and job satisfaction. As long as a system of trust is built through clear objectives, and productivity is measured and discussed regularly, mobile working can work for almost any business.

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