How do you know if your posture is correct?


When people talk about correct posture when working at the desk, many people think they should sit tall and upright on a chair and not use the back rest.

If you spend hours sitting up tall and holding yourself upright, you will often find yourself slouching and leaning forward over the desk. This is because your back muscles are working extremely hard to hold you upright, leading to fatigue and discomfort.

There is a reason most office chairs have a back rest. The back rest is there to support you!

The key to having correct posture at the desk starts with a good chair.

Ideally your chair should:

  • Be comfortable
  • Have height adjustability
  • The back rest angle should be adjustable
  • Have NO arm rests

How to sit at the chair with correct posture:

  1. When sitting at the desk, you want to sit tucked into the desk. Arm rests will prevent you sitting close to the desk. We recommended sitting on an office chair without arm rests.
  2. You should sit all the way back into the chair and lean against the back rest to support yourself, preventing postural fatigue.
  3. The back rest should be tilted back slightly at approximately a 100-degree angle, preventing you from leaning forward and slouching over the desk.


For further information regarding your workstation set up please feel free to contact the friendly team of health professionals at Ergoworks.

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