How the Tech Neck Pack Can Help the Agile Workforce

Remote workers and agile workers are under threat of chronic health concerns from the repetitive use of their portable devices.

While working remotely may be a lot gentler on your boss’s inner-city carbon footprint, remote and agile workers may be inadvertently damaging their health and wellbeing without the proper ergonomic positioning of their work equipment.

There are so many benefits to remote and agile working, which include dynamic and more stimulating work environments, as well as lower stress levels from not having to be in the office at the same desk, all day, every day. These benefits can result in improved mental agility, greater team contribution and an increased passion for work; then there are the transport cost savings, the flexible hours and choice of work environment, along with a better quality working lifestyle overall. However, there are increasing concerns that all of these positives may be coming at a price for the remote worker.


Modern technology is our frenemy

The ‘smiling assassin’ is the mobile device. The sedentary act of sitting for long periods while using tablets, laptops and desktop computers can cause strain issues on your neck, shoulders and lower back.  Whether sitting or standing, workers tend to hold their head forward, positioning neck and shoulders at unnatural angles to view their device. The fact that many modern workers take part in such a sedentary lifestyle also has an impact on health and wellbeing, with lack of movement contributing to many health issues, including obesity and chronic pain


Tailoring solutions that are client specific

Whether you work from home or in the office, your current desk environment may be affecting your productivity. To improve your productivity, you need comfortable office furniture, which includes the correct positioning of desks and chairs to incorporate height, vision, and reach zones to items like keyboard and mouse.

What many people don’t know is that workstation ergonomics can now also benefit the temporary office space and workers on the go, with companies such as ErgoEquip offering neck-strain solutions. Even just a few hours working at the local coffee shop or sitting at the kitchen bench can be detrimental to your posture. While working anywhere anytime may sound like a workers’ dream come true, portable workspaces can have the opposite effect on your output. By their design, laptops and tablets cause users to spend too much time bending at the neck and looking down, both of which place undue stress on the neck, shoulders and back.


The Tech Neck pack solution

Tech Neck describes a set of symptoms caused by poor posture and continuous bending at the neck. These may include anything from shoulder tension to neck pain and headaches. By raising the height of devices such as tablets, screens and even laptops, in unison with correct seating positions, improvements can be made to help prevent the issues arising from the long-term use of such devices. A laptop pack that includes a stand, keyboard and mouse is a key part of the solution.


Consultation as a Tech Neck solution

Here at Ergoworks Consulting, we have adopted an innovative approach, which addresses the key causes of tech neck and other conditions that arise as a result of extended use of modern devices by the agile workforce. By visiting your work environment and conducting a thorough appraisal, our qualified assessors are able to provide the most effective solutions for your specific work situation.


The Benefits of the ErgoEquip product range

ErgoEquip products are designed to combat the effects of long-term use of technology at work by eliminating the risks of poor posture, neck and eye strain. They can be provided as separate items or as the Tech Neck Pack. The ErgoEquip Cricket Stand lifts laptops to a more comfortable working height and the ergonomically designed keyboard and mouse help to overcome the issues related to keyboard accessibility. A range of innovatively designed laptop and tablet stands help achieve the same results and further assist with both posture and the prevention of RSI.

All of the ergonomically configured products in the ErgoEquip Tech Neck Packs work together to address the multiple issues that can lead to strain conditions. Our consulting team are always on hand to provide onsite visits at your location, with the aim of assessing which products from the range are best suited to your specific needs.

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