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Home Office Workstation Assessments Sydney

Ergoworks has been supporting home workers since 2003.  Given the social distancing restrictions currently in place, we have revised our service offerings to continue supporting our clients remotely. 

Virtual Ergo Assessment:

  • A phone call or Zoom video meeting to conduct the assessment, 15-20 minutes in length
  • We will provide ergo advice with our qualified health professional and document this for your records in a simple spreadsheet.  Includes a photo (if employee permission granted).
  • Each person will be emailed a checklist after the assessment – basic set up, stretches & advice
  • This assessment will be conducted within 24hrs 

How to initiate the request – send Ergoworks Virtual request form

Virtual Ergonomic Presentations

  • This will be in the form of a Zoom meeting, your staff can dial in. We will share our screen at the beginning and run a PowerPoint presentation.
  • 30 min session
  • Max 20 people
  • Session includes:
    • Home working ergonomics
    • Set up of your chair, keyboard, mouse, laptop etc
    • Safety aspects for working at home – trip hazards, communication with other staff members
    • Posture, rest breaks and stretching
    • Q & A

How to initiate the request – if this is on an individual basis – send Ergoworks a Virtual Request form, or if this on mass, a spreadsheet

Online Home Office Assessment

  • A web-based educational online program which will assist people with setting up their workstation
  • All aspects of the workstation covered and a PDF emailed at the end of the survey with basic set up, stretches & advice

How to initiate the request – email spreadsheet with first name, last name, email address


Laptop Packs

Small and portable and can easily be set up at home

  • Please see multiple options at link below for equipment that can support your staff
  • Education is important, but if staff are hunched over a laptop then they are potentially at risk

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