One employee two working environments. How do I manage the risk?


With people now settling into a hybrid way of working we are often asked by companies some common questions….

1. What is the best way to manage both the home and office working environment?

There is a strong movement to online risk assessment solutions to help manage this risk. It makes sense as face to face assessments become costly when managing large employee numbers that are geographically spread.


2. How does Ergoworks support home / office risk assessments?

Online Ergonomic Assessment – ErgoAssess

  • A cloud based application which will assist employees with setting up their working environment (how to set up their chair, keyboard, mouse, monitor as well as home safety and trip hazards etc).
  • Interactive program with self help recommendations sent to the employee
  • Data and risk reporting provided to the company, identifying low, medium and high risk employees
  • Full support for addressing high risk employees
  • Developed by ergonomists and physiotherapists

For a free no obligation demonstration of ErgoAssess, please contact us.

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