The Benefits of Hiring an Ergonomic Consultant in Sydney


Employees spend a significant amount of time sitting in front of their computers throughout the work day. This can lead to various physical and psychological stresses on the body. In addition to Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS), prolonged periods of sitting can lead to several lifestyle diseases and musculoskeletal issues. Studies suggest that Australian adults who spend between 8 to 11 hours daily sitting at their desks have a 15% greater risk of death within 3 years, compared to those who spend up to 4 hours per day at their desks. 

Our bodies are not designed to sit for prolonged periods of time. While office hours cannot be changed, making healthier changes to our working spaces is an option. That is where ergonomics comes into play.

Hiring an  ergonomic consultant in Sydney can provide several benefits, both to employees and employers. One benefit is improved productivity. Ergonomic consultants believe that, when implemented correctly, ergonomics can boost productivity by up to 15%. An ergonomically designed workplace promotes proper postures, as well as appropriate breaks, stretches, and other healthy practices. This results in fewer postural adjustments and less exertion for employees, which in turn increases productivity.

Additionally, a less stressful workplace encourages employees to concentrate more on their tasks, which raises the calibre of the goods or services produced. Employee morale is boosted, their faith in the organisation’s management is increased, and individuals are motivated to work to a higher standard when they see that their employer is making efforts to protect their health. This further improves employee satisfaction and workplace harmony, fostering better relationships and positivity between employers and employees. 

Healthy and happy employees are core assets for any business. Each workplace and each employee is unique, with different workstation layouts, types of work, or work processes (i.e. hot desking). An ergonomic consultant has the skills and knowledge to consider these factors and provide you with the best advice and options. Contact us for further information about organising an ergonomic assessment in Sydney today.

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