Ergonomics on a budget


Considering how much time we spend at our desks in front of our screens, investing in our workstations is always strongly recommended. However, sometimes we may have a tight budget to work with and can’t afford to have the perfect workstation. There are however some essentials required to ensure we are working safely.


  • A suitable surface to work on
  • If we don’t have a separate desk, most dining tables are fine to work on. The most important thing is to ensure we have a large, stable surface and our posture is not compromised.
  • An adjustable chair
  • At the very least, our chair must be height adjustable to ensure we are sitting in a good position relative to our desk.
  • Chairs can come with a variety of available adjustments. With more adjustability, a chair is more likely to suit your body and your needs.
  • Appropriate screen positioning
  • Our screens must be set at an appropriate height to ensure we are not looking too far up or down for prolonged periods. If we are working from a laptop, a separate keyboard and mouse will be required to maintain optimal arm positioning when the laptop is elevated.
  • Although laptop and monitor stands are recommended, household items such as books, shoe boxes etc. may be suitable substitutes if they do not compromise your desk space.


For further information regarding your home or office workstations, please contact us.

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