Eyesight and your workstation


Did you know one of the most overlooked factors of our workstation set up is our eyesight!

If our vision is impaired, whether it be our eyesight or caused by external factors, we will subconsciously hunch forward to improve our view. Spending long periods of time in this hunched position places our neck, upper and lower back in suboptimal positions and increases the likelihood of feeling stiff and sore. We can also experience headaches and/or eyestrain due to the extra work required to focus on our screens.

Some examples of external factors include:

  • Working directly off a laptop
  • Using a small screen/monitor
  • Poor screen positioning
  • Poor lighting
  • Glare or reflection on the screen
  • Angle of the screen
  • Brightness/contrast levels
  • Overall quality of the screen

If you have impaired vision or are concerned your issues may be due to your eyesight, please consult your optometrist.

If you are unsure as to why you are feeling pain or discomfort OR you are having trouble making the appropriate adjustments to your workstation, please contact us and we can help by providing one of our workstation assessments.

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