Is your screen causing your neck pain?


Neck pain is more common among office workers than the general population. Recent studies have found that 49% of Australian office workers experience neck pain1. Another study2 has shown that office workers who sit with poor neck posture are 2.6 times more likely to develop neck pain.

Correct positioning of computer and laptop screens is essential in minimising the risk of neck pain.


How to set up your monitor:

  • Height – when sitting at the desk, your eyes should look directly at the top one third of the screen. This may require you to elevate your monitor on books or a monitor stand.
  • Distance – the screen should be approximately one arm’s length away from you.
  • Multiple screens
    • If using two screens (one more than the other) – the primary screen should be centered in front of your body with the second screen positioned directly to the side of the primary screen and tilted slightly in towards your body.
    • Using two screens (equally) – both screens should be centered on the desk, so the middle edge of both screens are touching and directly in front of you. Both screens should be tilted inwards slightly.
    • Using three screens – the main screen should be positioned directly in front of yourself. The other two screens should be positioned on either side of the main screen, tilted in slightly.
  • Laptop – laptops need to be elevated to an appropriate height. This may require the use of a laptop stand.


It is important to take regular breaks from the desk to help prevent postural fatigue.

If you are having trouble making the appropriate adjustments to your workstation, please contact the friendly team of health professionals at Ergoworks for an individual workstation assessment.


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