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Search Rescue is a growing digital marketing agency based in Sydney. We have intentionally chosen not to rent an office space because of the costs of rent and utilities. We have our client meetings at their offices thus reducing the need for these monthly overhead expenses. 

By operating in this manner, our day-to-day office can be at home, the local coffee shop or client offices. To ensure maximum comfort while operating from these ‘non office’ places we have taken steps to ensure that basic ergonomic elements are still considered to avoid back strain, eye issues etc. 

One of the most useful products that we have used is a cricket laptop stand which puts the screen height at eye level. This device is very small and lightweight which is helpful when moving on a day-to-day basis. Additionally we have utilised ergonomic keyboards and mice to assist with general posture to limit back pain. With these three small add-ons to our laptop we have a virtually identical ergonomic solution in our backpack as would a person working in a regular office. 

For any interstate or overseas travel these items are very small and mean that we can practically work anywhere without limitation provided the Internet is strong enough 🙂 

Marnie and the team at ergo works have been fantastic in guiding us on what an agency like us needs at a price that an agency of our size can afford. 

Prior to using this ergonomic equipment my eyesight was starting to be affected due to close proximity to the screen hence the need to take immediate action and kerb that deterioration. In hindsight, and for readers of this article, I would recommend prevention rather than cure to avoid the issues I have experienced caused by staring too long at a laptop screen from close range. 

This mobile working trend is going to keep on rising with many types of businesses operating out of home, cafes, public transport etc. If you take a look around cafes in Surry Hills or the city lately you will have noticed a lot of entrepreneurs and small businesses operating in the same manner. 

Therefore it goes without saying that it is imperative for mobile businesses and staff to consider these ergonomic products to avoid significant pain and issues down the track.

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