Working from home

Will Agile Working Kill the Daily Commute?

Spending your mornings jammed into a crowded rail carriage or stuck in peak-hour traffic can erode that precious burst of pre-lunch productivity. This has led to many workers choosing to set up home offices to maximise efficiency. As the


How to Make Working from Home Work for You

Working from home sounds like the ideal work/life-balance situation, whereby you set your own hours and wear what you want. Yet, it can be fraught with hazards. Apart from your deadlines bleeding into your downtime (if you don’t set


Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Work Schedule

More and more modern workers are complaining of a hectic lifestyle, with long hours, high turnover, increasing deadline demands with the expectation to “Deliver! Deliver! Deliver!” Employees are stretched to the limit and trying to find time to balance


How the Tech Neck Pack Can Help the Agile Workforce

Remote workers and agile workers are under threat of chronic health concerns from the repetitive use of their portable devices. While working remotely may be a lot gentler on your boss’s inner-city carbon footprint, remote and agile workers may


Laptop Pack Solutions

It’s easy to see why flexible work options have steadily gained popularity among employers and employees in recent years. Companies with a mobile workforce can save money on office space while the employees can enjoy the freedom to work


Mobile working

Ergoworks ran a national mobile working series discussing the risks with having staff working offsite and some of the equipment solutions that can be provided to overcome these risks.

How to choose the right backpack

Our General Manager John Rutherford discusses how to choose the right backpack, pack your bag to reduce the risk of injury to your spine.

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