Workstation tips from an Ergonomic Physiotherapist

Office workstation set up plays a vital role in both the quality of health for the employee and the productivity the workers. Current evidence suggests introducing more walking and movement breaks throughout the day to promote better hear and


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The risk of being mobile…

Mobile working is about freedom and simplicity. New technologies are making it easy to access information and work regardless of location. The idea of mobile working is simple: it means giving people the tools to let them work anywhere


Pain in the Neck

By John Rutherford The global prevalence of neck pain each year is approximately 37%, but this jumps to around 50% for those who work in an office environment.  Typically office environments create postures with high amounts of flexing the head/body


To Sit or Stand?

To sit or stand? That is the question… The evidence is mounting to show that spending too much sitting at work, during your commute and for leisure increases your risk of diabetes, certain cancers, heart disease etc. Australian adults now


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The Strategic Approach to Preventing and Managing Work Related Injuries, Sickness and Absenteeism.

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Empowering your Business with the Expert Knowledge of Modern Day Devices and Ergonomic Solutions.

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