A new year and still working from home?

2022 has started slightly differently to what many of us would have hoped.   The excitement and anticipation of returning to the office for many has been squashed by Omicron. This delay however, doesn’t mean you need to be



Correct Ergonomic Posture – Sitting vs Standing

Standing desks have become very popular over the years to reduce time spent sitting at the office. As we know, sitting for long periods of time is not recommended due to risk factors associated with sedentary lifestyles. However, could



8 Best Ergonomic Laptops Setup Tips

How you set up your laptop to work can affect the amount of stress you place on your neck and back. Here are 8 excellent tips for keeping yourself pain free and productive when using a laptop. 1. Avoid



Is your screen causing your neck pain?

Neck pain is more common among office workers than the general population. Recent studies have found that 49% of Australian office workers experience neck pain1. Another study2 has shown that office workers who sit with poor neck posture are


Are Laptops ergonomic?

Laptops – are they ergonomic or not?

Laptops have become increasingly popular over the years due to advances in technology. Gone are the days of most Australian households owning a computer monitor. Laptops are an affordable alternative to large computer screens, as they are smaller, lighter,


back pain after lockdown

Why do I have back pain after lockdown?

Overnight we swapped the office for the kitchen bench and your day job may have also been to become a teacher. COVID 19 has certainly flipped life and thrown us out of routine. Stiff and achy backs are one



Ergonomics on a budget

Considering how much time we spend at our desks in front of our screens, investing in our workstations is always strongly recommended. However, sometimes we may have a tight budget to work with and can’t afford to have the


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